Dear Amy,

Welcome to my website! I've created a private page for you explaining why I would be the best person for composing and sound designing TINY DYNAMITE at the Old Red Lion.

I have experience composing music for theatre. Most recently, I composed a full-length musical that premiered in the Milton Court Theatre, Barbican this past April. I also compose for media, having written for film and television. Compositionally, I'm very theme based but I can just as easily adapt to something much more subtle and atmospheric. As far as sound design goes, my most recent film projects were almost entirely sound design (no real thematic material), one of which you can find below.

I've included two samples for you to hear. They might not be remotely close to what the project needs, but they will hopefully demonstrate my versatility, which will allow me to make the director's vision a reality.  The first sample is very thematic and the second is essentially all sound design. 







In conclusion, I think this would be a fantastic project to work on. I am a great team player and no stranger to the collaborative process as well as the smooth running of a theatrical show. I work quickly, efficiently, and aim to accommodate the desires of the director while providing a unique voice for each production. 

I wish you the best of luck with the getting the production underway and I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Michael Elderkin

Waltz in E Minor (Romantic, magical) - Michael Elderkin
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Nightrounds (Horror, suspense) - Michael Elderkin
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