Whatever your project may be: a film, a ballet, an orchestral commission, Michael is available to help you realise your vision. An experienced composer for various art forms, he has the know-how and experience to create emotionally engaging and evocative works. Commissions are available.  


Michael is an experienced orchestrator for both film and theatre, having worked on numerous Hollywood films. His orchestrations have been praised by musicians of the London Symphony Orchestra as well as various freelance players with whom he has worked.


Michael has vast experience arranging for a variety of ensembles from small chamber groups all the way up to full orchestra. His arrangements have been praised from the public and professional musicians from the likes of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and London Symphony Orchestra. Some of his arranging work can be viewed here.


An experienced transcriber, Michael can take down music by ear to an incredibly detailed degree. The arrangements you will find here are all transcribed by ear. 


Michael's engraving services have been used by various ensembles and individuals for years. Recently, he has completed score preparation and parts for numerous Hollywood films, Audio Network, and the renowned composer Carl Davis.

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